Modeling iPad Sales with the Bass Model in R

The Bass model is a famous tool which helps us describe diffusion of new products in the market. It was first presented in 1969 paper by Frank M. Bass of Purdue University. I wanted to take on this model and use it on some data to see how well it performs. The Theory What is it … [Read more…]

Visualizing website traffic data from Google Analytics on a map using R

This tutorial documents my experiments with R and is mainly intended to provide inspiration for others exploration. The tasks accomplished in the described process are chiefly useful as an exercise leading a novice R user to more complex and more useful analytical endeavors. We are going to try to download data about website traffic from … [Read more…]

On photography

I love to take long solitary walks with headphones in my ears and a camera in my hand. Capturing what I see in form of data which could outlive the moment, outlive the camera and outlive me. And I actually keep a secret about the way I approach photography. One secret I have never shared … [Read more…]

Anglo American University – Experience after first semester

I have just wrapped up my first semester at the University. I choose AAU and I chose to study Business Administration and had a couple of people asking for more information about the experience at this school. Such information is clearly not available anywhere on the internet. I would have appreciated it when I was … [Read more…]

Dvě super-Země v soustavě Kepler 62

Je planeta Země v Galaxii unikátní, či je podobných planet ve vesmíru celá řada? Díky posledním objevům dalekohledu Kepler jsme opět blíže k rozluštění této otázky. Nově objevená planetární soustava Kepler 62 obsahuje rovnou dvě super-Země. Dalekohled Kepler je dnes znám jako nejproslulejší a nejúspěšnější lovec exoplanet. Když byl na oběžnou dráhu v roce 2007 … [Read more…]

Why did I choose Anglo American University for my undergraduate studies

My college hunt was very exciting and yielded further insight into Czech and American universities as well as other colleges abroad. I also discovered significant differences between private and government-funded higher education systems… In this article I would like to address some of the facts and explain how I chose my college for undergraduate studies. Let’s start with the … [Read more…]

Digital story – The special place

Here is my second short story featuring anothe little detail of my life. I was so inspired by the first snow, that I pushed myself into finishing the project in one day 😀   Enjoy!

The train story

There is a secret revelation on the end of the article…. I wanted to share this older video I made as the first semester final in my photo class. It’s my story, my voice, my photos… The edits were made in Adobe After Effects. I believe it’s very simple yet powerful montage. Enjoy.     … [Read more…]